Designer Perfume

3 Steps In Selecting The Best Designer Perfume

It is common knowledge that the best designer perfumes for women are usually quite expensive. This is why you should take the task of choosing your very own designer perfume quite seriously. There are certain questions you will need to ask yourself in order to make sure that the perfume you choose matches your personality and your style perfectly. Here are three of the basic steps you should follow so that you will end up with a good selection:

1. Selecting A Fragrance You Truly Like

A common mistake that a lot of women make in choosing the best designer perfume is to go with the flow and simply buy the one that most of their friends are wearing. In a similar manner, many women also just listen to celebrity endorsers and buy whatever designer perfume they are advertising. Although these popular fragrances are undoubtedly considered to be the best designer perfumes by a lot of women, it doesn’t always mean that you will like them on yourself. To see whether a particular scent wears well, take a test strip from the perfume store that has been sprayed on with the scent you are trying out. If you smell the paper several times during the day, it is easy to see if you will still like it as much as you did the first time you smelled it.

2. Choose a Designer Perfume That Fits Your Personality

In addition to making you smell nice, women’s perfumes also define your personality to a certain point. Therefore, you should find the best designer perfume that not only smells nice but reflects your own personality as well. If you are a vivacious and lively individual, the best fragrances for you might include floral and fruity citrus scents. On the other hand, the more serious women might prefer musky and woody fragrances that are generally more subdued. Also, you would definitely want a perfume that makes you feel good about yourself every time you wear it.

3 Steps In Selecting The Best Designer Perfume

3. Try on The Best Designer Perfume

Smelling the perfume from straight from the spritzer or even from a test strip is very different from actually wearing the perfume and smelling it on your own skin. So before you go ahead and buy an entire bottle of the best designer perfume, it is advisable to try it on yourself first to see whether you truly like it. Once you are satisfied with how the perfume smells and how you feel when wearing it, that is the only time that you should purchase an entire bottle.