Have you thought about making perfume using an old recipe? If you’re looking for a truly distinctive fragrance that absolutely nobody else has, but that tells the world that you are who you are, then you might want to consider making your own perfume. Let’s face it, sometimes the fragrances that we all love so much can be just a little bit over our budgets, but if you want a scent that smells as if it came from a designer perfumer without the price tag, you should look at some tried and true old perfume recipes.

In order to create your perfume, you will need to buy the essential oils that are in your favorite scents. For instance, if the perfume you love has sandalwood, bergamot and tuberose, you need to know that you can purchase these at specialty stores and mix them yourself in a glass bottle so that you can make your own perfume. You will want to add some vodka to the mix. You might not have known that many perfumes contain alcohol to help seal the fragrance and help it to be longer lasting than they would otherwise. You’ll also need to add some distilled water so your perfume doesn’t smell too much like alcohol or too heavy.

When you’re making perfume using an old recipe, it’s essential that you seal the mixture with an air tight lid and let it set for about 48 hours. After this, you can put your perfume into a spray bottle and enjoy your new fragrance. You should consider that if you choose to use your new perfume daily, you might find that it lasts for about a month or so.

Now, making your own perfume doesn’t really cost that much and some people might choose to market their product, or they might want to keep it to themselves, but if you have created a fragrance that your friends and family love and you’re not interested in marketing it, you can always make some and give it for gifts. This will allow your friends and family to have their own signature scent as well.

Are You Interested In Making Perfume Using An Old Recipe

Making perfume using an old recipe can give you inexpensive fragrances that you love. If you have a scent that you really love, you might want to find out what notes are in the perfume so that you can replicate it. Either way, it’s important to smell good and it can make you feel wonderful when people turn to smell you one more time and when you create your own perfume, you can enjoy your scent without having it cost more money than you have. Consider making your own perfume today and smell great tomorrow!