If you’re not familiar with shopping for perfume online, then you might not really know how to tell that you are getting an authentic designer perfume when you order online. You should know that there are ways to sample all the fragrances you’re looking for and make sure that you are getting the real deal from designer fragrance retailers and once you know these things, you will likely want to buy all your perfume online from now on.

Sample your scents

There are two ways that you can sample fragrances when you are shopping for perfume online. The first one is to actually go to your favorite perfume retailer and try a new fragrance while you’re there. This works best if you don’t have any perfume on, and you’ll want to make sure to take note of the name of the fragrance you’re trying. Most often, any perfume you try in a store can be bought online.

You can also buy smaller samples of perfumes you’re interested online, for a very low price, so if you think that you will like the scent, but want a few days to wear it, this might be a better way for you to sample perfumes. This can often be fun, however, because you’ll get to be shopping for perfumes online and might find a few you want to sample.

Check the site for authenticity guarantees

Remember that online perfume retailers cannot claim that their fragrances are 100% authentic if they are not, so make sure to check the website for a certificate of authenticity and a money back guarantee when you’re shopping for perfume online. If you don’t find the authenticity guarantee on the site, then it’s time to move on to another online retailer.

Online perfume retailers get their fragrances from the overstock of department stores and that’s how you can get the perfume you want at a discounted price. You are getting the real designer fragrances that cost so much at department stores, but you are getting them at a lower price because the fragrance hasn’t sold in time. The same is true of the “testers” that you can buy: when testers aren’t used in the right amount of time, they will be sold to the online perfume retailers so that they can be sold at much lower prices. You will find that these perfumes may not have the box or a cap, but they are the same scents at very discounted prices and they are completely unused.

Are You Shopping For Perfume Online

When you are looking for designer perfumes at prices that you can afford, you should know that you don’t’ have to be stuck with the high cost of department stores. Consider shopping for your perfume online and see what kind of deals you can get.