Perfume Bottle

Attractive and Exquisite Perfume Bottles

An exquisite perfume bottle is certainly attractive, and eye catching to say the least. There are many perfume bottles on display containing individual fragrances, and each one conveying a message of what’s in side. As you can imagine the amount of different designs on the shelves containing those individual perfumes is staggering.

Pochet – Perfume Bottle Maker

A famous perfume bottle maker is Pochet. The Colonna family owns Pochet. Pochet designs luxury glass perfume bottles and containers for cosmetics and perfume manufacturers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior, and Kenzo. Pochet has made as many as 10 million bottles in a year for popular perfume CK One. Bottles account for more than half of sales. If you have ever bought a bottle of Givenchy, Coty, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein or any other equally famous brand of perfume, chances are that the perfume bottle has been made by Pochet.

The means of making a perfume bottle changed, and during the thirties they began to be made by machine. The inspiration for such bottles seemed to come from Hollywood. A company named Lalique had an excellent bottle that contained the 1932 classic scent named Je Reviens. The perfume bottle resembled a skyscraper from New York and was packaged in a chrome finished box.

Attractive and Exquisite Perfume Bottles

Antique Perfume Bottle Heirlooms

Perfumes are treasured because of their delicateness, but so is the perfume bottle. Years after the fragrance is gone, the perfume bottle still stands proudly for all to see. Collectors of perfume bottles treasure their collections, because antique bottles can be worth considerable sums of money. Many of these bottles have an asking price in the thousands of dollars.

If you are interested in starting a perfume bottle collection, you could browse the antique shops or search through the Internet buying avenues. If you see a market or stall being held, it would pay you to search the stall holders’ wares. You could well become an owner of a very expensive antique perfume bottle collection.