Calvin Klein founded this iconic fashion brand in 1971. He started out with just overcoats for women. Today, they are known for their underwear, jeans, clothes and fashion accessories like sunglasses and especially Calvin Klein perfume. 

Simplicity and a casual chic style is the core of the Calvin Klein brand. In fact, designer jeans weren’t even a thing until he started putting his name on the back pocket in the 1970s.

Today, the CK brand is known for celebrity endorsements and is a well-respected brand in clothes, underwear, and accessories.

When you choose a CK perfume, you are choosing something from a brand that is known to set trends, not follow them.

What are the different types of perfume?

This list will cover the Eau de Parfum versions of CK fragrances. But when you go shopping you’ll notice a range of choices – Eau de Toilette, and body mist among them.

Here are the different types of perfumes you’ll find and what they mean:

  • Eau de Parfum – stronger, less diluted fragrance with a stronger scent
  • Eau de Toilette – the fragrance is diluted in more alcohol with a light scent
  • Body Mist – super diluted fragrance. Doesn’t last very long when you put it on, requires multiple applications.

This also means that while EDTs will be priced lower, you might have to apply more of it to obtain the same effect as EDPs.

So for the purpose of this roundup, we are only going to describe the EDPs.

Best Calvin Klein Perfumes for Women

Let’s find the perfect perfume that you will adore! Since CK is such a trend-setting brand, this is a really fantastic place to start. They are in touch with all the chicest olfactory experiences.

This guide will explain and introduce you to the best CK perfumes of 2019. Find one that reminds you of something you’d enjoy!

1. Euphoria

CK Launched Euphoria in 2005 and ever since it has made countless best-of lists. Think about the feeling of sheer happiness as you eat a fruit salad on a picnic in a beautiful summer garden. That’s Euphoria.

The bright fruit scents mingle gently with the different florals and settle nicely with the base note of mahogany.

The bottle is also cutting edge. It has a unique curved shape with rose shades on the sides. The lid contrasts the soft curves of the bottle with rectangular sharp edges.

When To Wear Euphoria: The fruity and floral scents all make this a fun fragrance to wear on special occasions. It’s an explosion of sweet meets flirty, so it’s perfect for younger girls.

Fragrance Notes: Top notes of pomegranate, persimmon, “lush green accord.” Heart notes of lotus blossom, champaca flower, black orchid. Base notes of liquid amber, black violet, cream accord, mahogany wood.


2.) Obsession

Obsession is a classic Calvin Klein perfume, launched in 1985. It is a more sensual and dramatic fragrance. Calvin Klein himself described it by saying, “I didn’t want an old-fashioned recipe, I wanted something direct, sensuous and provocative, which represents the way I feel about women.”

The bottle exudes the woody overtones and sensual nature of the perfume. It has elegant curves and dark colors throughout.

When To Wear Obsession: This is a more mature fragrance. Wear it on girl’s night out, date nights, or other times when you want to feel sexy and alluring.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Lemon, Mandarin, Bergamot, Peach, Jasmine, Rose, Orange blossom, Rosewood. Heart Notes: Coriander, Marigold, Armoise, Ylang ylang, Cedar, Sandalwood. Base notes: Amber, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Musk, Civet

3.) Eternity

Calvin Klein launched Eternity in 1988, making this another fragrance that lots of people remember growing up with. It is said that Klein released it after he married Kelly Rector. This is one of the most feminine of his fragrances.

The design of the bottle is just as classic as the name implies. A tall, slender shape with silver hardware on top. It reminds you of the promise of a wedding ring.

When To Wear Eternity: This is the perfect fragrance to wear to work. It’s an all-occasion perfume that can also go from day to night without any effort.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Freesia, Mandarin, Sage. Heart Notes: Muguet, White Lily, Marigold, Narcisse. Base notes: Patchouli, Sandawood, Amber

4.) CK One

This was launched as a unisex fragrance in 1994 and it quickly became synonymous with the youth of the 90s. But even so, this fragrance lives on and is still super popular among both men and women. The conglomeration of fruit with woodsy ingredients make for something everyone loves and feels amazing in.

Even the bottle is unisex and unassuming. It’s a simple shape with a silver twist top.

When To Wear CK One: Anytime is a great time to wear CK One. Wear it to the beach or when you are going out with friends. It’s both a casual fragrance and one that you can wear to work.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Fresh pineapple, Papaya, Cardamom, Green tree accord. Heart Notes: Hedione high cis (derived from jasmine), Violet, Rose, Lily of the valley, Freesia, Orris, Nutmeg, Green tree accord. Base notes: Green tea, Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Musk, Amber, Green tree accord

5.) Beauty

Calvin Klein launched Beauty in 2010 as an elegant and beautiful fragrance for women. It is perfect for women that want something to wear that makes them feel beautiful instead of sensual. It exudes elegant sophistication.

This has very few notes, so you know what you smell when you put it on.

The bottle is timeless too. The round gold orb in the middle surrounded by elegant silver rings is pure elegance.

When To Wear Beauty: Wear this one when you want to feel dressed up. The jasmine makes it perfect for summer and spring time parties.

Fragrance Notes: Top notes: Ambrette Musk. Heart notes: Jasmine. Base notes: Virginia cedar.

6.) CK IN2U

Calvin Klein launched CK IN2U in 2007 and it captures summertime in a bottle. There are so many citrus and sweet notes that all entangle in a truly happy way. It starts out with grapefruit – a fruit that plumps in the sun. And then on the dry down you will notice the warm vanilla and cedarwood.

The bottle even captures the essence of summertime. It looks like a beverage bottle. The glass swoops in an upward motion on the bottom, much like the waves on the beach.

When To Wear CK IN2U: The citrus and sweet vanilla notes make this a perfect late spring and summertime choice. It’s great for younger girls.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Pink grapefruit, Redcurrant leaf, Sicilian bergamot. Heart Notes: Cactus, Orchid. Base notes: Ambergris, Red cedarwood, Vanilla

7.) Contradiction

Launched in 1997, Calvin Klein took a risk with this perfume and ever since wearers either love it or hate it. Perhaps it’s the eucalyptus notes since those aren’t used in perfumes very often.

It has a lot of fruity and powdery scents that make you think of fun times in the sun with your friends. It’s a fragrance that captures youth and sunshine.

The Contradiction bottle is an understated aluminum matt with just a little color showing through at the bottom.

When To Wear Contradiction: This is a casual fragrance with sweet notes. It’s great for younger women to wear to parties. The pear and peony notes make it perfect for spring and summertime.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Peony, Rose, Lily, Lily of the valley, Orchid, Philadelphus. Heart Notes: Pear, Blackberry, Eucalyptus, Lilac, Jasmine. Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Tonka bean

8.) Escape

Escape was launched in 1991 as an outdoorsy fragrance. People who wear it feel like they smell the melons strongest, with floral and musk hints beneath it. It captures fruits and flowers in a very easy-to-wear combination.

Much like other CK fragrances, the Escape bottle is sleek and understated.

When To Wear CK Escape: You can wear this anytime. It really does change depending on who wears it. It’s perfect for a full day of work.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Mandarin, Apple, Blackcurrant bud, Apricot, Melon, Peach, Plum, Bergamot, Calone, Chamomile. Heart Notes:
Jasmine, Rose, Carnation, Cyclamen, Lily of the valley, Heliotrope, Orris, Rosewood, Clove, Coriander. Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Musk, Oakmoss, Amber, Vanilla

9.) Women

The newest one on the list, Calvin Klein launched Women in 2018. It was launched by an all-star all-female team, making it for women, by women. It combines both the strength and tenderness of the female experience. It has a woody floral scent that communicates both confidence and sophistication.

The bottle has an off-center lid with a delicate pink liquid in clear glass. It’s polished and beautiful, just like women.

When To Wear CK Women: This is a fragrance you can wear literally any time at all. It’s the best when you want to feel a burst of confidence, so wear it to work or when you have a presentation.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Eucalyptus, Acorns. Middle Notes: Orange Flower. Bottom Notes: Alaskan Cedarwood

How to Choose a Calvin Klein Perfume

Calvin Klein produces eloquence and confidence in a bottle. Since so many of their fragrances are so likable, it might be intimidating to find on that is perfect for you.

First, try to pinpoint whether you prefer perfumes that are fruity, floral, sweet, or sensual. Once you narrow that down, you can begin picking out a few to try and then select your favorite.

It might take going to a perfume counter and testing them out. And that’s just fine. Sometimes perfume can be just as personal a choice as your shoes!