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Buying From A Wholesale Perfume Distributor Has Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are considering setting up your own perfume business then you probably want to know about the good and bad points of buying from a wholesale perfume distributor. You certainly can make a lot of money selling perfumes and fragrances to customers both online and offline. You can even make a full time business from it. Perfume is a great item to sell too, because many people want it so it is not difficult to find customers and it is a small item to stock.

Disadvantages In Buying From A Wholesale Perfume Distributor

The big disadvantage of buying your inventory from a wholesale perfume distributor is that you have to buy large quantities. Knowing which ones to buy is important because you do not want to have a hundred bottles on hand, that no one wants. You really need to like perfume or know your market to be able to choose which brands are going to be in demand.

The other disadvantage is the nature of wholesale perfume distributors themselves. They don’t necessarily buy directly from the manufacturer. For some perfume, they may have bought their stock from another wholesale perfume distributor too. Every time a bottle of perfume changes hands, the price naturally goes up. If you can cut out some of the middle men you will be far better off and make more profit.

Advantages In Buying From A Wholesale Perfume Distributor

The main advantage of using wholesale perfume distributors is that they are often the only people selling exactly what you want. If you are not a representative of a major department store chain or a site like Amazon.com, then perfume manufacturers do not want to know you. It’s usually only the middlemen or merchandise brokers who will actually deal with you and get what you want and how much of it you want.

Buying From A Wholesale Perfume Distributor

Another advantage of using wholesale perfume distributors is often they can get you deals on more than just perfume. They can usually get you deals on wholesale perfume bottles, atomizers and beauty products that tie into what your perfume buying clients may love. Because these merchandise brokers are often in the same boat as you, they can be more flexible about doing business with you than a huge supplier.

Nothing is going to substitute for sound business judgment and studying the fashion trends in perfumery. Doing your homework into what perfumes are selling and who is selling those perfumes at the best price will determine your business success. Once you have all the details to start then you are ready to find a wholesale perfume distributor.