Wholesale perfume bottles are a great choice for those who make their own perfumes or for those who can not afford to buy the more expensive brands of perfumes. There are some wholesale perfume bottles that are decorative and, although they are not made of the same expensive materials as collector bottles of perfume, they still offer a decorative look to any bathroom or dressing room.

These bottles are also a great choice for businesses like hotels to use as a customer gift since they are not very expensive and give a nice touch to the individual’s visit to the hotel. The bottles can be monogrammed with the hotel’s name so that they are also a marketing tool that can set a hotel apart from the rest.

Types of Perfume Bottles

Wholesale perfume bottles come in all different shapes, sizes and application methods, such as a perfume spray bottle. Although a spray bottle is the most common method for applying perfume, there are other types of bottles that are fun to use and give the same effect. The perfume atomizers allow the individual to squeeze a ball that hangs out to the side of the bottle which forces the perfume out in a fine mist. These can make a woman feel like she is in an old time movie, like a southern belle or debutante. There are other types of wholesale perfume bottles that allow the perfume to be rolled onto the wrist or neck for a more even application of the product. Glass vials are also popular in wholesale perfume bottles, where there is a stopper in the top that the woman can use to dab on the perfume.

Buying Wholesale Perfume Bottles and Making Perfume

Wholesale perfume bottles also come in a variety of colors and materials. Since the bottles are wholesale, they are often in a cheaper glass material and sometimes a hard plastic. Although this is true, they can still be in an assortment of decorative designs, such as flower shapes, heart shapes, square, rounded, tall and short. There are some bottles that are see-through and others that are opaque.

Some bottles have ornate design work on the sides of them, such as vines and flowers, while others have a smooth glass appearance. The more expensive wholesale perfume bottles have design work as well as gem stones and metals on them so that they have a more ornate and decorative look to them.