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Calvin Klein Perfume Beginnings Review

Calvin Klein started out as a designer of jeans and underwear. He is now one of the fashion industry’s famous name and brand. As a boy he learned to sketch and sew all by himself and even won a place at New York’s High School of Art and Design. He also managed to join the Fashion Institute of Technology and this is when he was inspired to create clothes.After having worked for some Seventh Avenue fashion houses for around five years, he decided to launch his own brand with the help of his childhood friend Barry Schwartz. Schwartz invested $10,000 in Klein to start making his first designs which were coats. To this day, Schawrtz is still part of the house of Calvin Klein.

He is one of the most influential people in the fashion design industry up to now. He also changed the way advertising was conducted when he asked Richard Avedon to photograph a very young Brooke Shields for his 1979 jeans campaign. This ad ran with the now famous slogan, “You know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” The press and most of the young people at that time went crazy for Calvin Klein jeans and underwear. Supermodel Kate Moss, who was then not so well known, also helped launch his Calvin Klein perfume, cK one.

In 1975, Vogue magazine described him as “a definitive picture of the American look.” In 1970, he also ventured into sportswear and introduced his designer jeans in the late 70’s. Boxer shorts followed and soon his first ever Calvin Klein perfume, named Obsession. His cosmetics department, including Calvin Klein perfume, is licensed to Unilever but Calvin Klein Inc still markets and carries the brand name.

Calvin Klein Perfume Beginnings

Most of the Calvin Klein perfume lines are now more accommodating to the younger and trendier age group. The House of Calvin Klein made an effort to be more accessible and more visible to the new generation. This includes the famous Calvin Klein perfume lines which are now trendier and also caters to the hip young crowd.

The Calvin Klein perfume roster includes scents like Obsession, cK one, Eternity, Euphoria, Escape for men and Contradiction. Most of the Calvin Klein perfumes are refreshing, with an incredibly clean scent that makes us think of wide open spaces and romance. His perfumes are globally well known and in demand. They sometimes do not need that much advertising because the brand name can market itself.