Apply Perfume

How Fragrance Layering Can Make Perfumes Last Longer

If you have never heard of the term fragrance layering before, it simply means applying a neutral-smelling moisturizer or lotion on the skin before spraying on the perfume. According to fragrance experts, this method makes the scent of the perfume last much longer as compared to spraying it directly onto […]

Apply Perfume

How To Apply Fragrance and Where

When you’re putting on your favorite fragrance, you might think that it only takes a few spritzes or a dash through the cloud of scent you just sprayed to have you smelling like you just stepped out of your favorite perfume ad. If this sounds like you then you might […]

Perfume Gifts

The Significance of Perfume Boxes

A little bit of knowledge about perfume boxes may not seem like much but it can definitely come in handy during certain situations. For example, if you are planning on giving someone a bottle of perfume as a birthday or anniversary present, it would be nice if you knew how […]

Perfume Bottle

An Antique Perfume Bottle Is A Precious Find

For perfume bottle collectors, there is nothing more precious than an antique perfume bottle that has never been used and has been sealed so well that the perfume within it has not evaporated and is still as good as it once was. These collectors will not shop at wholesale perfume […]

Perfume Bottle

French Perfume Bottles Are Beautiful

The French have always been stereotyped as the ultimate in romance and fashion. French perfume bottles have been coveted in designer perfume circles since the bottles are often very ornately designed and the perfume that is in them is the top of the line. There are many people who will […]


Shopping and Buying From Online Perfume Stores

Buying your favorite scents from online perfume stores is surely a convenient way to shop but did you know that there are also some risks involved in this method? For instance, you never know if the product you are paying for is the real thing, or you may think you […]

Designer Perfume

Angel Perfume is a Heavenly Smelling Scent

The Thierry Mugler design house, in 1992, created an excellent perfume called Angel perfume that had a fragrance that was very refreshing, oriental, woody and very feminine. With vanilla sandalwood blended with patchouli and a few fruity notes that contained melons, peaches, plums and fresh citrus, this scent is certainly […]

Perfume Bottle

Perfume Bottles and Atomizers

While many wonderful fragrances come in interesting and beautiful perfume bottles, you don’t have to leave your perfumes in the perfume bottles they came in. With a little creativity, the perfume bottles that line your dresser or vanity can be as unique as you are. There is something elegant about […]