Choosing The Right Perfume For You

We’ve seen it all before – a girl or a man passes you by and you hardly notice, but as they walk away, a scent wafts past you that pleases your senses! You can’t resist it and instantly turn your head back. Such are the effects of perfumes.

When choosing a perfume for yourself remember perfumes are as complicated as dresses, shoes and accessories. You need to get something that compliments your whole character. Check out the various scents and try to determine if they define who you are.

Chypre Fragrances

Chypre fragrances which gives off a woody, floral, and mossy base and citrus base scents which comprises of fruity fragrances like grapefruit, lemon, or tangerine. Another set of scents are floral which seems to be one of the most popular at present.

Oriental Fragrances

Also available are Oriental or amber types. These perfumes give off aromas like musk, vanilla, spice, animal scents and combination of flowers and woods.

One of the best tips in buying a perfume is to relax and don’t be hasty. If a new scent comes out on the shelves don’t go rushing in. Take your time. See if the perfume is really what you like. In trying on some perfume, make sure that you apply just a little on the back of each hand. Then go around your normal business. Eat at the mall or go shopping with friends or companion.

After a while, smell the perfumes on your hand. If you still like the scent then by all means consider buying it. The reason behind this little experiment is that perfumes change over time when applied to your body. Body chemistry differs to each person too. So what might smell good on your friend might not be that great on you. Also, what smells great on you now might not be that good after an hour or two.

Choosing The Right Perfume For You

Perfumes are made of layers. The first one is the scent you smell after you apply the perfume immediately. This layer gives off the first impressions but fades rather quickly. The middle layer of a perfume consists of the smell of the perfume as it mellows or reacts to your skin or body chemistry.
You can smell this layer in thirty minutes or so after applying the perfume. The final layer is the base and contains the richer scents. It is the main theme of the perfume and it will blend with the middle layer. This smell usually manifests after more than thirty minutes of applying the perfume.

Once the perfume has reached this layer, only then can you really determine if the scent is something that you would like or something that would compliment your character.

If you find out that current market or commercial perfumes don’t match your personality, you could always try to make your own perfumes. There are a lot of ways to make your own. You could do some experimentation with perfume oils or essential oils.

You might also find the pursuit as an interesting hobby and might get hooked at the almost endless possibilities of scents or fragrances. The commercial perfumes are made form synthetic chemicals which give off quite different scents from natural essential oils. But to make your own perfume also means to create a scent that is only yours and yours alone.

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