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Escada Collection Perfume for Men and Women

Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley founded this famous European brand name in 1976. They first met and fell in love while each was vacationing in St. Moritz. On a trip to Portugal, they bet on a horse named Escada and the winnings from that bet was used to finance their venture into the fashion world. That is the beginning of Escada.

Around 1980, Escada was already established as a leader in luxury sportswear. People loved their designs which were elegant and very feminine. Eventually, the fashion house expanded its reaches and in 1982, they opened their first store in the United States of America in the fashion capital, New York City. Their first store in Asia soon followed and it was opened I Hong Kong. The store in Hong Kong boutique was renowned for its use of gold in design of the entryway.

The Escada collection perfume was soon launched as the company gained strength in the fashion industry. The perfumes cater to both men and women and they also include after shave and other bathroom products with the same scent as their perfumes. The Escada collection perfume lines were noted for their beautiful glass containers and also for their sensual scent. Women and also men were soon lining up to get their hands on these products. The makers of the various perfumes strive to make women feel beautiful and happy with their scents.

Not all people like the Escada collection perfume lines. Some women have described some of their perfumes as overpowering and having a sickly sweet smell. It is all personal preference because some women like the smell and want more from this fashion house. It would be better to try out the different Escada collection perfume at the perfume counters of some department stores before buying.

Escada Collection Perfume for Men and Women

Some of the Escada collection perfume lines have giveaways for buying a whole set. They also give discounts to buyers for a set of bags which you can get cheap when you buy some of the Escada perfumes. This is one of the better selling points of some cosmetics and fragrances because having a free gift can certainly change the minds of people.

Some of the free gifts that accompany an Escada collection perfume could be a free cosmetics bag or a free traveling bag. This can also depend on the size of the perfume bottle you are purchasing. Another free gift could be complimentary smaller size cosmetics or other promotional products. An Escada collection perfume is quite famous and does not need to be advertised because the brand sells itself.