When you’re looking for a signature fragrance, the choice can be tough; do you go for a floral fragrance or do you choose a spicy, sexy scent? How do you know what your signature fragrance should be in the first place? You should consider the effect you want your perfume to have. Most of us just want to leave a gentle scent trail behind us. We don’t want to overwhelm those around us with our perfume, but we don’t want to not smell good, either.

How To Choose The Right Signature Perfume or Fragrance

Have More Than One Signature Fragrance

So, you should consider what you want your perfume to say and when you want to wear it. Remember that you can have more than one signature fragrance that will meet your needs. Not only that, but you should also keep in mind that you can get a romantic fragrance for every day and still smell sexy and seductive. Just make sure to choose lighter and cleaner fragrances for every day wear and maybe a spicier perfume for your romantic encounters. Just because a scent is romantic doesn’t mean it will be heavy or overbearing, but you should try to make sure to choose the right type of fragrance for the occasion.

The next thing you need to do is go “sniffing”. This can be hard, but you should try to narrow your search down to just a couple of perfumes that you would like to make your signature scent. Close your eyes and do a little sniff test. Whether you want your perfume to make you feel sexy or sophisticated, or even both, when you close your eyes, you are more likely to be able to pinpoint what type of occasion you might wear it for. Then, once you’ve pinpointed the fragrances that you really like, it’s time to start taking them for a trial run.

Fragrance Tips For Choosing Your Signature Perfume

Deciding On The Best Signature Perfume For Your Personality

One of the worst things you can do when choosing a signature fragrance is to not take it for a “trial run.” If you’re out for a day of shopping, you might want to stop at your perfume store at the beginning of the day and spritz a little on the pulse points of your wrist. See how it smells throughout the day so you can decide if you still like it or if you should move on to another choice. You may want to do this with a couple of fragrances and put one on either wrist to see which one you like the best.

No matter if you’re looking for a perfume that you can wear for all of your romantic encounters or you’re seeking something that will suit your personality for every day wear, when you’re choosing a signature fragrance, why not try them for a while? You will know when its the right signature fragrance for you because you will get the reactions you are hoping for! Soon you will be wearing a perfume that matches your personality every time.