Perfume is a beautiful! Having it and wearing it is great, so have you ever wondered how to make your own perfume? Customized perfumes and fragrances are relatively easy to make. They may also be romantic and sensual for a mellower mood. Personalized scents and perfumes are also fun to make and they also inspire creativity in us. Light, everyday scents can affect a person’s mood and state of mind. These scents can also be calming and can reduce stress, or may be revitalizing to energize a person.

The first step on how to make your own perfume is to make sure that you can get all the ingredients that you will need. Most of the ingredients needed to make a successful perfume can be bought at health stores and other specialty stores. Others may be ordered through the internet if they are not available in your area.

The strength of a perfume is variable depending on the percentage of essential oils that are then diluted in alcohol and a little bit of distilled water. Stronger scent may contain 15 to 30 per cent essential oils. Not so strong scents contain around five to ten per cent essential oils while colognes are only up to one to two per cent.

How to Make Your Own Perfume

The initial step in how to make your own perfume is prepare the ingredients and to choose what smell you would like to make. There are so many choices available, like rose, lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang etc. Another ingredient in how to make your own perfume is alcohol. The best ones to use are the ones with the highest proof and contain greater concentrations of ethyl alcohol.

Another ingredient needed in how to make your own perfume is a fixative to prolong the strength of the fragrance. Fixatives are added to a composition to combine their own scent and to ‘fix’ other ingredients by retarding their rate of evaporation. Common fixatives are sandalwood, benzoin, myrrh, vanilla and balsam of Peru. These are the ones commonly used in making perfumes and fragrances.

Use the droppers to allocate how much drops per ingredient you will add. Always remember that the more essential oils you put the stronger the smell. Clean out each dropper with either alcohol or vodka before using it again. You may dilute your essential oils with a little distilled water and alcohol to bring out the scent you want.

How To Make Your Own Perfume

It is better to use glass vials or containers to mix and store you perfume in since the glass does not react with alcohol and other ingredients. It is also a good idea to age your fragrance before using it to mellow out the raw smell of the mixture.

As you can see it is not too scientific as you may have once believed. Making your own perfume is easy. There is of course a little bit of trial and error, but after a while it will become very easy to you. Now you know how, why not grab a ‘recipe’ and make one!