Do you know how to choose the best designer perfume for you? Do you know how to choose a fragrance that fits your personality and you can wear well? If you are scratching your head wondering if you really know how to choose perfumes that fit you, then you’re not the only one. In fact, many women have no idea how to choose perfumes that really suit their personalities and lifestyles.

Does the Fragrance Appeal to You?

When you are working to choose the best designer perfume for you, you might often just select a fragrance that everyone else wears, so it has to smell good on you, too, right? Not always. In order to know that you have really chosen a good perfume for you, it’s important to not only smell the fragrance, but apply it to a test strip. This will give you a truer example of the fragrance, because when you smell the dispenser of the perfume, it’s likely that you’re getting a whiff of the old perfume which has built up around the sprayer or neck of the bottle. By applying the fragrance you’re considering onto a strip of “tester” paper, you can also carry it with you to see if you like the fragrance as the day wears on.

Does the Scent Fit Your Personality and ‘Speak’ to You?

Another thing to consider when you’re choosing the best designer perfume for you is how the fragrance makes you feel. Some scents, when we smell them, cause us to make a face, or pull away. While a fragrance that does this would be an obvious “no”, there are other ways to tell if you really and truly like a perfume. For instance, do you smell it again and again? When you do smell the tester of the scent, do you want to close your eyes? Have you smelled it on another person and like it? Can you see yourself wearing this perfume and loving it? These are all factors that are telling you that this particular fragrance appeals to you, which means that you might like to wear it.

How Do You Choose the Best Designer Perfume

Have You Tried the Designer Perfume On?

When you’re interested in a perfume, it’s a really good idea to try it out for a while. Many department stores will offer you a small tester of any fragrances you’re interested in. When you’re trying to choose the best designer perfume for you, this is an important step, since you might love the way the fragrance smells on the tester, but on you it seems to not smell so great. This is natural, everyone’s body chemistry is different and this means that different fragrances react differently on different people. You should never purchase a perfume without trying it on for a day first. Designer perfume is expensive enough that you don’t want to spend your money on it if you won’t wear it.

If you’ve tried the perfume on and love it on you as much as you love it on the tester and if the fragrance you’re interested in really speaks to you, then you have found one of the best perfumes for you. Now, you should know that there are different perfumes for different occasions and you’re bound to love a few, but this is the all important first step in choosing the best designer perfume for you.