Mens Fragrances

How To Find The Best Designer Mens Cologne To Suit You

Are you searching for the best designer men’s cologne? Some fragrances for men smell too heavy and some smell too much like soap. Some scents for men are just too feminine, so what’s a guy to do? The first thing you need to know is that a cologne that you might not like smells wonderful on someone else, so you need to know how to choose the best cologne for your body and personality.

What’s Your Personality?

Are you a professional who takes his work seriously? Are you the type of guy who likes to be noticed without creating a scene or do you like to have everyone stand up and take notice of you? Are you athletic and casual or young and daring? All of these aspects of your personality will help you to choose the best designer cologne for you, so you should take notice of them. For instance, if you’re a little more edgy and hip, you will probably want a fragrance that says the same thing about you, but if you work in a conservative environment, you’ll probably be seeking a more subtle, sophisticated scent.

When you smell colognes, make sure to give it the “strip test”, or spray it on a test strip so that you can decide if you like the cologne without other factors interfering with the fragrance of it. Make sure to smell the test strip several times a day, as the top notes of fragrances wear off first, with the mid notes wearing off second, so you’re left with the base notes of the cologne by the end of the day, so you need to make sure you like the way the cologne you’re considering smells throughout the day. This will help you to choose the best designer cologne for you.

What Do You Want Your Men’s Cologne To Say About You?

Fragrance makes us feel a certain way, so it’s no surprise that we want our colognes to “do” or “say” something. So, what do you want your cologne to tell people about you? Consider this as you are looking at fragrances to ensure that you get the right scent to fit your needs. Some fragrances say, “fresh, hip and cool” and others say, “Confident, classy and sophisticated”. Choosing the best designer cologne for you means deciding what you are trying to help people to see when you wear this fragrance and choosing your cologne accordingly.

How To Find The Best Designer Mens Cologne To Suit You

When you are shopping for the best designer mens cologne for you, it can seem frustrating because there are so many and after a while, it can feel like your nose is going to fall off if you have to smell another scent, so narrow it down a little by choosing three that you have heard good things about or you liked in the past. Then spray them on a test strip and carry them around with you for a while (separately, of course). Choose the one you like the best and try the cologne on yourself for a day to see what you think. Love it? You’ve chosen the best designer cologne for you. Not so excited about it? Move on to the next one.