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How to Select the Perfect Designer Perfume Fragrance

We live in a very image-conscious society and choosing a designer perfume fragrance where people put a lot of effort into improving their outward appearance. In addition to looking good, people also like to smell good not only for the people around them but for themselves as well. The best perfumes and colognes, commonly known as designer perfume fragrance, are quite expensive but people still like buying them because of their unique and pleasant scents.

Criteria for Choosing a Designer Perfume Fragrance

You may have noticed that there are four main kinds of designer fragrance that you can choose from. The first kind is the perfume or parfum, which has a very strong scent because of the higher concentration of essential oils. Perfumes last for a very long time and are also generally the most expensive kind of designer fragrance. The second kind of designer perfume fragrance is the eau de toilette. It still has a very distinguishable scent but is not as strong as the parfum. Generally, perfumes are more expensive than eau de toilettes.

If the parfum and eau de toilette are both too strong for you, then a cologne would be the perfect choice. A cologne’s light and crisp scent is very appealing especially for the younger crowd. The concentration of essential oils in colognes is quite low, making it suitable even for the sensitive skin of babies. Finally, the fourth type of designer fragrance is the men’s after shave. Some people might not consider this to be a designer perfume but many after shaves do in fact have a light concentration of designer perfume fragrance among its ingredients.

When choosing which designer perfume fragrance to buy, there is really no criteria except for your own personal taste and preference. A very important factor is the varying degrees of essential oil concentration. If you prefer a very strong scent that will stay with you the entire day, then you can choose a parfum. If you prefer a lighter and younger scent, then the cologne would be better for you.

How to Select the Perfect Designer Perfume Fragrance

After deciding on the type of designer fragrance you want, you can now go to the perfume store to make a selection. Before you start taking whiff after whiff of perfumes though, you should realize that your nose will get confused after smelling too many odors in a short span of time. For this reason, you should only test up to 5 different scents at a time.

Designer perfume fragrances can be a very huge investment so when you are still trying out a new scent, it would be good to buy a small bottle first. If you really like the scent, you can always go back and buy a bigger bottle in the future.