J’adore Perfumes by Christian Dior

In 2000, J’adore Perfume was launched by Christian Dior and it’s notes are of orchids, violets and blackberry musk. Often recommended to be worn in the evening, this fragrance was huge by the time it hit stores and in fact, it’s still amazingly popular. This is said to be a complex scent that changes depending on the wearer. Reviewers say that it’s light and powdery and wears well without being overpowering.

In order to understand the idea behind the perfumes of Christian Dior, you should know that he once said that he wanted to create perfume so that “every woman only need open a bottle of his fragrance to imagine all his dresses and that every woman who wears his dresses will leave behind her an unforgettable aura”. To him, the scent of a woman was just as important as the way she looked and that same concept is used today in the Dior perfumes.

J’adore L’absolu Perfume

Due to the popularity of J’adore perfume, the Dior perfumers launched J’adore L’absolu Perfume by Christian Dior in 2007, which, like the original, is complicated and sexy while being subtle enough to be sophisticated. With blends of Turkish rose, tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang, it’s fresh and sweet, without being so heavy that it can’t be worn during the day. Whether choosing to wear it to work or on a night out, it wears well without being out of place.

J’adore L’eau Perfume

The most recent in the line of Dior perfumes, J’adore L’eau perfume has been a great hit and since the two older sister J’adore perfumes have been so popular, it made sense to offer a lighter version of this popular scent. Since the other two J’adore perfumes were so popular, in 2009 J’adore L’eau was launched amid much anticipation and it has not disappointed. This version of J’adore perfumes is said to be young and fresh without smelling like a “teenager”. It’s sophisticated, yet innocent, which might be why so many stores have temporarily sold out of it.

Jadore Perfumes by Christian Dior

This fragrance is light and more flowery, but it’s still just as sensuous. Think spring flowers and warm nights that carry the scent of magnolias. You’ll also find notes of citrus fruits such as lemon, and neroli, floral bouquet, and bergamot. As if that’s not enough, bottom notes of ylang-ylang offer a spicy sweet finish to this delightful perfume.

J’adore L’eau is often recommended for daytime wear, but many people find that it’s romantic enough to carry over into warm summer nights and evenings out. This fragrance is unforgettable and sensuous and is sure to wear well on any person. If you’re looking for a light, sophisticated fragrance that speaks of romance and sophistication, then you might want to try J’adore L’eau Perfume by Christian Dior

Christian Dior never fails to excite the senses so you can’t go wrong with any choice.<

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