Making your own perfume can allow you the opportunity to create a unique scent perfect for you. One other benefit is that you know exactly what you are getting when you make it yourself. There is no risk of unknown ingredients that may react harshly with your skin like the ones you find in available in your local department store.

The actual process you need to make your own perfume is not difficult at all. You do not even have to be an expert with years of education in the process either. You can simply sit at home and look online for very easy to do perfume recipes that are free and will help you start to make your own perfume. You just need to have some idea about what kind of scent you are in the market for and you can find a recipe to try.

You may be a little concerned about how exactly a perfume may turn out just by looking at the ingredients online. There is no reason to worry. The recipes you will find online usually have a little description available that will clue you in to how it may smell when done. However, no description will give you an exact picture of the finished product. You just have to trust that after all the work is done, you will love the finished product and how it turns out.

Keep in mind that perfume always smells different on actual skin than it does in the bottle. Once on your skin, perfume will react with your unique body chemistry and it will have a slightly different fragrance.

To further your “make your own perfume” blends there are recipes available on the internet for you to think about trying. You can easily try them ‘as is’ or adjust them so the fragrance fits more into the realm of what you want in a fragrance. You simply can not get it wrong. The simplicity in it is that you literally have complete control over the fragrance. This is an excellent starting point to get going in the hobby of making your own perfume.

Freshly chopped up flower blooms of your choice and two cups of clean distilled water is all you need to get started. You can start with just one variety of flowers or you can mix a few together that you feel are complimentary. You need a bowl and cheese cloth after you have settled on the flowers. Place the cheesecloth in the bowl with the edges outside of the bowls rim. Simply put in the flower blossoms on top of the cheesecloth and slowly pour the water over the top of them. You then simply cover the bowl and allow it to sit overnight.

Make Your Own Perfume and Create Your Unique Fragrance

The following day, just pull out the cheesecloth and squeeze the excess water out. Put it in a pot to heat it up. You then just simmer it down until nothing but a mere teaspoon amount is left in the pot. Then, pour this into a little and dark bottle that will close tightly. You need to keep this bottle away from light and also heat.

There is a celestial blend of homemade perfume that is sure to inspire your dreams. This blend is guaranteed to help you relax. The ingredients include: 2 cups of distilled water, 3 tablespoons of vodka, 10 drops of chamomile essential oil, 5 drops of lavender essential oil, and 10 drops of valerian essential oil. Simply mix them thoroughly and shake it up. After 12 hours of being allowed to settle, just put it in a cool and dry place for storage.