Need a boost of dazzling fragrances to pick you up and turn your frown upside down? How about trying to make your own perfume? The process of creating perfume at home is fun and simple and the results are simply fantastic. Our olfactory sense has the power to influence our moods and our general well being. This is the principle behind aromatherapy.

When you make your own perfume you get to work with different wonderful fragrances and the result can be very therapeutic. What’s more is at the end of your project, you have a product that you can use anytime to enhance your mood and add that special oomph to your everyday life plus a new skill and craft to enhance your creativity.

Sure you can just go to the nearest department store and purchase commercially available perfume but I guarantee that it won’t be as much as fun as making your own wonderful perfume at home. So check out the various perfume recipes below gathered from different sources online. Remember that you can and should adjust the recipes according to your own preferences.

Eventually, you can become quite the savvy perfume maker and you can create your own recipes as well. You can then use this for personal consumption or as gifts to friends and loved ones.

Light Romance

With this perfume recipe you get to combine the romantic and sexy scent of vanilla with the fresh and tangy fragrance of lemon to create the perfect balance of a light romantic jaunt. For this you will need six drops of vanilla extract and a fourth of a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix these two together and boil with one cup of water, which you will need to keep covered for two minutes after it has reached a boil.

After this, put it in the fridge for five minutes and take it out again and redo the boiling process. Right after the second boiling, immediately transfer it into a glass container and put it in the refrigerator for an hour. After that, just transfer into a bottle and you’re set to enjoy this fresh and seductive fragrance.

Vanilla on my Mind

This time, let’s get serious about vanilla. Vanilla has a clean seductive scent that permeates the subconscious and touches the sublime. Take this scent for you own without having to buy those expensive commercial vanilla perfumes. All you will need is a vanilla bean you should cut into several pieces.

Once cut, put into a glass jar and add a third of a teaspoon of sugar along with three ounces of any kind of vodka. You have to them tightly seal your jar and allow it to seep. You need to shake the jar everyday for a month after which, it will be ready to use.

Making Perfume Makes Perfect Scents

Fit for Fairytales

Want to be enchanted and enchanting at the same time? Try this perfume recipe that conjures up the spirits and fancy of an enchanted forest. You will need two cups of distilled water together with three tablespoons of vodka.

Measure out five drops of everlasting perfume oil and ten drops each of peony and sandalwood perfume oil. Simply mix and shake the ingredients together. Then transfer it into a dark colored bottle and allow the mixture to settle for at least twelve hours before using.