Making perfume like anything has two ingredients. The first is the equipment, which already includes the tools and some of the ‘ingredients’. The second ingredient is the training, because the only way to do the job right is through proper training.

When perfume making you have to know how to measure it proportionately for example, otherwise it could bring disastrous results. The essential oils, vodka or ethyl alcohol and distilled water should also be mixed, but you don’t just throw everything.

Here is an example of making a simple perfume known as Tender Mercies. You will need to mix some essential oils according to the note it represents.

The base notes are composed of 4 drops of carnation and 3 drops of juniper oil. After this has been poured, it is time to put in the middle notes that are 3 drops of ylang-ylang and 2 drops of jasmine oil. The top notes are 3 drops of juniper oil and 2 drops of patchouli. The bridge notes to help everything blend together are 2 drops of lavender and Sultan’s pleasure.

After this has been completed, the last thing to do will be to add two and a half ounces of vodka, close the lid and then store this in a cool dry place for the next 48 hours. After the time has passed, this can be brought out and mixed with two tablespoons of distilled water and then filtered.

Once this has been completed you can transfer it to a plastic bottle for immediate use.

There are many other perfumes that you can make. This gives you options such as cologne, body splash, aftershave, and Eau de toilette.

The concentration of each ingredient is different. The example just mentioned had a concentration of 15 to 30% of essential oils, 70-85% of vodka and 5% distilled water.

Since there are other formulas that can be copied or made, it pays to have a notebook around to make adjustments when mistakes have been made. Sometimes reducing or increasing one of the ingredients is all that it takes in making your own perfume.

When the correct formula has been made, you can now produce this in mass quantities and sell this through a distributor or directly to a customer. This depends on the amount of money you want to spend because some of you will have more financial resources than others which can speed up the production process.

Making Your Own Perfume is Easy

Those who decide to sell it directly should also think about the packaging. Some sell the bottle with the logo or a picture on the front while others put it in a box. This should also be priced competitively because there will be entrepreneurs who will be doing the same thing to capture a share of the market.

If the first formula worked, the next thing to do will be to make new ones. After all, businesses cannot survive on just one product but have to diversify so that customers will anticipate the new products that will be launched in the next few weeks or months