The art and allure of wearing and even making your own perfume can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians and other past civilizations. Wearing perfume can create a romantic tone and mesmerizing tome to everyday life. The special concoction of solvents and essential oils strategically applied to the body in a spray or drops will linger all day and cause men to take notice.

Since top name perfumes can be quite pricey, creating your own is a viable option. While the top of the line scents you see advertised involve a complex and expensive manufacturing process, doing it yourself does not have to be difficult. The combination of natural and man made scents together make for the unique designer perfumes we all know.

Making your own perfume and a unique scent to fit your mood and personal style is a bold step to scent creation. If you are just venturing out in this process, you can easily find perfume recipes online that are simple to mix. You can also find free recipes too.

By trial and error, you should soon find yourself adept at creating scents which react with your own body chemistry. You may even find after enough experimentation that your custom scents can compete with the pricey ones in the stores.

Owning your own scent recipe and having an exclusive scent unlike any other is quite a satisfying feeling. Essential oils, which are basically plant extracts, are the one basic ingredient in homemade scents. They are completely natural and are the concentrated scent of plants. They make up the base of most perfumes. Do not be fooled into thinking each plant will only have one scent. Different parts of different plants can smell unique. When these are blended with other essential oils from different plant varieties a completely new scent is derived.

Making Your Own Perfume With Essential Oils

If you decide making your own perfume from essential oils, there are different ways to go about it. You can buy essential oils in a store or you can extract your won. When you buy them from a store, take note of their makeup. Some have additives and others will state that they are 100% essential oil. Naturally, you want the highest percentage you can find. The more pure the essential oil is, the more intense the scent is.

You will need to use many of the plant parts if you decide to try extracting your own essential oil. To get the scent you want, you may have to extract oil from the bark or flower of a plant. They may both have aromatic properties you want to use. Essential oils are easy to extract from fruit rinds.

Using fruits from the citrus family really is your best bet for getting the scent you want from fruit. Other fruits may not give you the amount you want. Leaves are also a great plant part to get scents from. The leaves of violet and chamomile plants have a great amount of aromatic essential oil. Some plants hold essential oil in their seeds and roots.

If you have ever had an allergic reaction to the manufactured scents in stores, you may find making your own perfume is your safest bet. It can also be quite enjoyable to make a scent as unique as you are.