Most people generally like to use perfumes in order to smell nice but few are really skilled in the technicalities of choosing a right fragrance, such as in figuring out the proper perfume strengths to use. Many of us are aware that there are fragrances labeled “Eau de Toilette” and there are also those that are called “Eau de Parfum” but we really don’t know the difference. Mostly, we just rely on how the perfume smells to determine whether to use it or not.

Do You Know The Perfume Strengths?

The problem with not being familiar with perfume strengths is that you can easily end up with an overpowering scent that may even be offensive to other people. Your objective might be to smell nice but what will happen instead is that you the smell will be so strong and sickening that other people will probably do their best to stay away from you, and that is definitely not something that you would like to happen.

Eau de Toilette

For a lot of people, the phrases “Eau de Toilette” and “Eau de Parfum” are just parts of the label of a fragrance. But these phrases actually indicate the perfume strengths of the contents. for example, an Eau de Toilette would typically contain anywhere from 4% to 10% essential oils and the rest would mostly be an alcohol base. With such a low perfume oil percentage, these fragrances have lower perfume strengths and are usually easier to wear. However, they may not last as long as those with higher perfume strengths.

Eau de Parfum

This type of fragrance is slightly stronger than the previous one, with a perfume oil concentration of about 8-15%. It can still be worn quite easily but you won’t need to apply as much. Also, an Eau de Parfum would usually be able to last an entire day without the need for reapplying during the day.

Perfume Strengths – Choosing the Right Fragrance For You


The strongest type of perfume available, Parfums have the highest perfume strengths and must absolutely be applied as sparingly as possible to prevent it from becoming overpowering or even nauseating. The oil concentration of the Parfum is normally between 15 and 25 percent. Such fragrances come in bottles with stoppers and should only be dabbed on lightly, never sprayed.

Now that you know the differences between the perfume strengths and the oil concentrations, you will be able to select the right fragrance much more easily. You will also be able to wear your perfume properly in just the right amount so that it leaves you smelling pleasant instead of overpoweringly sweet.