For most men, who are looking for a new fragrance to wear, the first instinct would be to choose from among the top selling colognes or the ones that currently rank among the most popular in the market. Of course, there are probably some very good reasons why top selling colognes are popular, but just because other people like them doesn’t necessarily mean they are the perfect choice for you. In choosing the right cologne for you as an individual, you have to take several factors into consideration, not the least of which would be your own style and preferences.

The good thing about choosing a cologne for men is that there are so many different varieties available out there that there is sure to be at least a few that you would like and that would match your personality. The best way to locate that perfect fragrance would be to try a few different scents at separate occasions and to compare how you feel with each one.

Deciding on a Top Selling Cologne

The entire selection process can be done easily with a few very simple steps. You could go to stores that carry the top selling colognes that you like, get a test strip of a particular cologne and carry that around with you for a day. You can also get small tester bottles from online perfume stores and try a few different colognes very cheaply.

After you have narrowed down your choices to just a few of the top selling colognes, return to the store and purchase the smallest available bottle of your favorite scent. Try it on for a few days and see how well you still like it after a while. There are many colognes for men that may seem nice at first but you might quickly tire of them after just a few days, so avoid buying the larger bottles until you are sure that you truly like a particular cologne.

Steps in Choosing Top Selling Colognes for You

Finally Choosing Your Men’s Cologne

Finally, a very important step in choosing from among the top selling colognes is to take a look at the price. It is no secret that many of the really good fragrances, both for men and for women, can be quite expensive, costing up to several hundreds of dollars. But if you are a smart shopper, you will find that there are actually several places you can go to get these same fragrances at a fraction of the cost, like at online discount perfume stores.

The process of choosing a cologne may involve several steps and it may take some time but all this will be worth it when you finally settle on a fragrance that matches you perfectly.