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How Fragrance Layering Can Make Perfumes Last Longer

If you have never heard of the term fragrance layering before, it simply means applying a neutral-smelling moisturizer or lotion on the skin before spraying on the perfume. According to fragrance experts, this method makes the scent of the perfume last much longer as compared to spraying it directly onto […]

Apply Perfume

The Correct Use of Perfume

Perfumes are a wonderful part of our personality. We can send a message to others without saying a word. The faint smell of an alluring perfume can arouse feelings in others. Those feelings are not always sexual as we may first imagine. Do you remember someone in your past because […]

Apply Perfume

How Much Perfume Do You Apply?

It seems as if we’ve all had that time when we first started wearing fragrance that we simply applied way too much of it to our bodies. Instead of smelling great, we wound up smelling as if we had taken a bath in perfume. Apply Your Fragrance So It’s Not […]