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Perfume Brands

Fragrance Families Explained Easily and Simply

Are you wondering what fragrance families is all about? When shopping for fragrances it can make finding that perfect perfume so much easier when you know what family your favorite scents are in. Floral Family One of the most common fragrance families is the floral or sweet family. This type […]

Apply Perfume

What Is Fragrance Layering?

Have you heard of fragrance layering but aren’t sure what it is? To put it simply, this is one of the best ways to have your favorite womens perfume or mens cologne last and last without having to reapply or wind up with an overwhelming scent attached to you. The […]

Perfume Stores

The Perfume Spot Review – Online Perfume Store

The Perfume Spot has discount perfumes and colognes from many perfume houses. It is an online perfume store that offers a wide selection of top brand name fragrances. Fragrance – most of us love to be wearing a great women’s perfume…or if you’re a man, a men’s cologne! If it’s […]

Perfume Strengths

What Your Perfume Says About You

Smelling good is just as important as looking good – this is what many women believe, and it is the reason why the perfume industry is such a booming business. Most women today have at least one bottle of fragrance on their dressers at all time, some even use different […]

Perfume Strengths

Floral Notes – Perfumes and Fragrances

When it comes to perfumes, the floral notes can be a hit or miss with many people. If you love flowers, you might love the simplicity of a single noted floral scent, but if you’re into more complicated fragrances, you might find that you have a hard time finding a […]

Apply Perfume

How Fragrance Layering Can Make Perfumes Last Longer

If you have never heard of the term fragrance layering before, it simply means applying a neutral-smelling moisturizer or lotion on the skin before spraying on the perfume. According to fragrance experts, this method makes the scent of the perfume last much longer as compared to spraying it directly onto […]

Mens Fragrances

Men’s Colognes and Fragrances A-Z

To easily locate the fragrance you are after check out the listing below. We have them listed alphabetically for your convenience. Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction Azzaro Chrome by Azzaro for Men Burberry The Beat Cologne Bvlgari Bvlgari Blv Cologne Eau De Toilette Spray Christian Audigier Ed Hardy Love and Luck […]


Choosing The Right Perfume For You

We’ve seen it all before – a girl or a man passes you by and you hardly notice, but as they walk away, a scent wafts past you that pleases your senses! You can’t resist it and instantly turn your head back. Such are the effects of perfumes. When choosing […]

Perfume Gifts

The Different Types of Perfume Gifts

The first thing you have to do when considering a perfume gift, is to find out what kind of perfume they wear. You can ask during casual conversation, or do a little checking if you are able to. You may also want to include a body lotion, shower gel, soap […]


Perfume and Fragrances and The History Behind Them

Perfume and fragrances are exquisite and have been a part of many cultures for thousands of years. Thinking of perfumes used centuries ago, brings thoughts of Cleopatra in ancient Egypt. Her beauty and mystery surrounded in awe and wonder and her beautiful fragrances she would have worn. Archeological finds indicate […]

Women's Perfume

Women’s Perfume Makes Women feel Desirable

For thousands of years, women have judged their desirability by how they smell. In ancient times, women’s perfume consisted of natural essential oils which were added to the bath. Now, perfume is no less important, although different in form. If you are the type of woman who loves perfume, then […]

Discount Perfume

The Quality of a Discount Perfume Fragrance

There are many different types of discount perfume fragrance in stores today and each of the types has a variety of qualities. This makes the decision of picking a particular fragrance difficult because there are a number of points that need to be considered. There are a few things that […]

Perfume Stores

Perfume Emporium Review – Cheap Perfumes Online

Perfume Emporium was started by two brothers in 1999 and with it the chance to buy cheap perfumes online. They were able to make their dreams come true with an online beauty store. Their ultimate mission is to provide quality personalized service at a discounted price. They rely highly on […]

Perfume Making

Making Perfume Makes Perfect Scents

Need a boost of dazzling fragrances to pick you up and turn your frown upside down? How about trying to make your own perfume? The process of creating perfume at home is fun and simple and the results are simply fantastic. Our olfactory sense has the power to influence our […]