Vera Wang perfumes have become a recognized name, but originally the name Vera Wang, bought about immediate thoughts of wedding gowns but not many people realize that this famous designer also boasts a range of perfumes. When Vera Wang was growing up as a child in New York City in the 1950s, little did her friends and even her family know that a genius in fashion design was in their midst. In fact, designing clothes was the farthest thing from her mind.

Her childhood passion was figure skating. She was so good that she was even featured in Sports Illustrated after competing in the national figure skating championships in 1968. Unfortunately, she did not make the Olympic team, which was not so bad as it turns out because that was the time that she started taking an interest in the fashion industry.

Princess Perfume by Vera Wang, Perfume Notes

This beautiful fragrance includes a mixture of Water Lily, Apple, Mandarin Meringue, And Golden Apricot Skin, Dark Chocolate, Amber, Musk, And Vanilla.

It is the latest Vera Wang perfume and it is easily distinguishable from the rest of the collection because it comes in a heart-shaped bottle, unlike the others that are packaged in standard bottles. Many young people favor this newest fragrance because of its light and feminine scent that has just the right balance of playfulness and elegance.

After working for various famous fashion houses, Vera Wang finally opened her own perfume house in 1990 and thus began the fame of her wedding dresses and of the Vera Wang perfume. Despite not pursuing her initial love for figure skating, Vera Wang did not totally turn her back on the sport because she actually designed outfits for some of the best figure skaters in the world.

Vera Wang Perfume For Women and Fragrances For Men

The Vera Wang perfume came a little bit later — the first version, Vera Wang perfume for women, was released to the market in 2002. This was soon followed by a fragrance for men. Both perfumes were met with astounding success, and she soon followed them up with two more fragrances — the Sheer Veil and the Princess.

The Unique Style and Fragrance of Vera Wang Perfume

The public may not know it but in addition to the clothes and the perfumes, Vera Wang also designs bedding and linen for her home line. Although these are obviously very different products, the same elegance and class that are evident in her perfume and clothing also pervade throughout this home collection.

As of today, there seems to be no end as to how far the Vera Wang fashion house can go. Let’s just be thankful that she has decided to share her talent with the world and that we can enjoy such luxury and elegance as only Vera Wang can give.