To Buy Cheap Perfume or Expensive Perfume?

What were perfumes first made from compared to today? Once fragrances were made with extremely hard to find ingredients, making them very expensive for most people. They were made from beautiful essential oils from flower petals or resins, or from animals, such as ambergris from whales or the musk glands of civet cats. The entire perfume depended entirely on the purity and quality of these expensive ingredients, no matter how rare or hard to find.

A perfume made with only high quality rose petals or essential oils from the orient, would most certainly have had an alluring and charming odor. Those that were made with inferior ingredients, tended to of course smell that way too.

Those perfumes made with many of these inferior ingredients were therefore called “cheap perfume” and, indeed, they did cost a lot less than perfume made of the ‘real’ ingredients.

What About Cheap Perfume Today?

What gives a perfume its smell? It is the combined chemical combination of the ingredients, that give a perfume its fragrance. With the rise in science and the decrease of animals hunted for the perfume industry, scientists discovered what the chemical formulas were of the things that smell so good, but were scarce. Now, we can make synthesized perfume that smells identical to the natural perfume.

Since this perfume can be made in a factory or a lab, it doesn’t cost so much to make. Consequentially, the perfume is usually sold for a fraction of the cost of perfume made only from the original scarce ingredients. Synthesized perfume, because of its low price, has been unfairly labeled “cheap perfume”. Although it is inexpensive, it still smells wonderful.

Cheap perfume can be found in a staggering amount of stores. You can find cheap perfume online, in department stores, from cosmetics lines, grocery stores, discount stores and even in the corner drug store.

To Buy Cheap Perfume or Expensive Perfume

Tester Bottles of Perfume

Many cheap perfume displays come with a generous amount of tester bottles of cheap perfume for you to try on, walk around the store to think about it, and then go back for it. One of the fascinating things about the science of smell is that every single person has unique body chemistry. This chemistry reacts to cheap perfume or very expensive perfume. That is why you just shouldn’t sniff the bottle cap of cheap perfume before buying it for yourself – try it on. The chemistry of cheap perfume might blend in with your own body chemistry than with incredibly expensive perfume.

Of course if you have a favorite fragrance, you don’t need to try it on and to buy cheap perfume online makes it even more affordable. Its definitely a win-win situation…don’t you think? An alluring fragrance at a discount price!

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