Cheap Perfume

Top 3 Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Perfume

Are you one of those people who like wearing exquisite designer perfume but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a single bottle? If so, you will definitely be interested in learning where you can find high quality but relatively cheap perfume.

Shopping In Stores or Buying Discount Perfume Online

Oftentimes, the price tags of perfumes are determined not so much by the brand but by the store that sells them. So if you know where to look, you can actually buy original designer perfume at a fraction of their regular cost.

Knowing Where to Look For Cheap Perfume

Most people buy their perfumes from department stores because this is the most convenient place to shop. However, this is not the way to find cheap perfume. Unless there is a sale, department stores normally don’t mark down the prices of their goods, particularly the perfumes.

1. Perfume Outlets

Instead of heading straight to the cosmetic section of your local department store, you should look for the smaller perfume outlets. These shops are usually exclusive to perfumes, which means that you may not be able to find other cosmetics like lotions and makeup here. However, if cheap perfume is what you are looking for, then a perfume outlet is surely the right place to start.

It’s not very hard to find cheap perfume these days but you still have to be wary of stores that sell imitation and try to pass them off as the real thing. Keep in mind that imitations usually have more alcohol and thus have slightly weaker fragrances. They also don’t last very long.

2. Buying Discount Perfume From Department Stores

Another great place where you can find cheap perfume is at discount stores. Such stores usually take the previous season’s stocks from department stores and sell these at largely discounted prices. You can find all sorts of perfumes from these stores, along with clothes, shoes and other accessories from last year’s fashions.

3. Buy Discount Perfume Online

This is my favorite way of buying great bargains. The Internet is an excellent place to look for cheap perfume. You can browse through online auction sites like eBay where you can find hundreds of designer perfumes offered at ridiculously low prices. Some of these perfumes are slightly used or are already without their original boxes, but that’s not such a big deal if you are just going to buy it for personal use.

Cheap Perfume

The other way is to buy from online perfume stores. There are literally thousand of womens perfumes and mens colognes available at low prices and often with free shipping. Places such as FragranceX and Perfume Worldwide. Both these stores ship worldwide and at lower prices than you will find in any department store. Many are up to 80% off or you can buy tester bottles…perfumes without a pretty box. There are so many choices, you just have to decide where to shop!