Top Three Men’s Colognes for Winter

Fragrances smell different in the winter than they do in the summer, that’s why it’s important for you to know the top three men’s colognes for winter so you can adjust your fragrances accordingly. Every guy knows that it just won’t do to smell as if you just walked off a beach when there’s snow on the ground and your nose is cold, but what sort of fragrance is right for the cold? Winter colognes tend to be a little bit heavier, without smelling overbearing and will often smell a little bit spicy. If you’re struggling to make an educated fragrance choice for this winter, consider this list of the top three for ideas.

La Nuit de L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent  – ‘The Night Of Man’

The name might be hard to pronounce, but this cologne will speak for itself. Simply translated, it’s the night of man. This contender on the listing of top three men’s colognes for winter is said to be masculine and sensuous, with classic fragrances. Notes of bergamot, cedar and cardamom offer a warm base against lighter, more complex notes of lavender and vetiver. It’s a sophisticated warm fragrance that both you’ll be sure to want to wear time and time again.

Gucci Cologne by Gucci For Men

Launched in 2008, this cologne is warm and rich and deserves its place in the top three men’s colognes for winter. It’s warm and spicy, with notes of bergamot and cypress, combined with black pepper and ocean accord. Think forest by the ocean and you’re on the right track. Add that to notes of violet and nutmeg, combined with a warm base of tobacco, amber and leather and you have the essence of Gucci by Gucci for men. This fragrance is for the classic, original man who is seeking a warm fragrance for the winter months.

Gucci Cologne by Gucci For Men

Attitude Cologne by Giorgio Armani

This cologne is said to be crisp and masculine and has earned its spot on the list of top three men’s colognes for winter. Attitude by Giorgio Armani has notes of lemon and coffee, layered atop notes of cardamom and lavender, combined with notes of cedar and patchouli. The lemon and coffee give it a fresh, inviting opener with cardamom and lavender to balance this fragrance out and sweeten it up, while helping this scent to be well rounded and manly. If you are looking for a classic fragrance that’s all man and great for winter wear, then you might want to choose this cologne.

No matter what type of fragrance you’re seeking, consider trying one of the top three men’s colognes for winter and discover what millions of other men already know about these fragrances. Classic, clean and delicious, you’ll love wearing these fragrances again and again.