Tracy Perfume is the latest perfume by Ellen Tracy. There happens to be many famous fashion designers and design houses. Ellen Tracy has been a part of that scene dating back to the 1960’s. A loyal customer base is dedicated to the fashion of their classic cloths and Ellen Tracy perfume. Devoted fans have stuck with Ellen Tracy from the beginning.

Ellen Tracy Perfume and Fashion

Herbert Gallen started the Ellen Tracy with women’s blouses in 1949. With a much needed push from Linda Allard in 1962, Ellen Tracy was put on the fashion map and continued to grow. Tapping in to the market of career women, Ellen Tracy clothes continue to expand. A cosmopolitan and classic Ellen Tracy style can transition from the workplace to evening without changing a thing. In the year 2000, Herbert Gallen and Linda Allard took their successful working relationship to a new level with their marriage. Their combined sense for business and creative fashion energy has led to a successful and well known company.

Herbert Gallen sold the company in 2003 to Liz Claibourne. They still carry the Ellen Tracy line of clothes and Ellen Tracy perfume. Ellen Tracy perfume is an airy and floral scent first created in 1991. The release of the scent called Imagine in 2003 only expanded the Ellen Tracy perfume line. In 2006, Tracy hit the market. Tracy is their newest scent.

If you visit any store carrying the Liz Claibourne line, or Liz Claibourne online stores, you can find all of the Ellen Tracy perfumes. The newest Ellen Tracy perfume called Tracy is a concoction mixed with peony, rose essence, iris, violet woods, cassie and plum blossoms. Sandalwood, vanilla, white amber and almond milk make up the base of Tracy. This fresh and light scent fills the senses. Classic creations combined with the essence of the modern woman are exactly what Linda Allard has brought to the line.

Tracy Perfume by Ellen Tracy

Any woman would find Ellen Tracy perfume to be an essential part of their collection of perfumes. With only three perfumes to choose from, Ellen Tracy perfumes are unique and high quality. Unique combinations of different tones make for scents that last and linger daintily through the air.

With Liz claibourne in control of the company, Ellen Tracy will continue to be one of the top fashion companies in existence, growing and improving year after year. The line will continue to put forth a classic collection of fabulous designs and Ellen Tracy perfume will always be included in the company.