Perfume Strengths

What Your Perfume Says About You

Smelling good is just as important as looking good – this is what many women believe, and it is the reason why the perfume industry is such a booming business.

Most women today have at least one bottle of fragrance on their dressers at all time, some even use different scents for different occasions. But in addition to making you smell nice, what exactly does your choice of perfume say about you?

Perfumes for Every Personality

A lot can actually be revealed about your personality just based on the kind of perfume you wear and how you wear them. There are fragrances out there that are best suited for a woman with an active, sporty lifestyle, and there are also those that are perfect for the mysterious and romantic individuals.

No matter which type of perfume you like to wear, you should know that there is a proper way of using them. The first rule is to never put on too much. Just dab or spray a small amount on key parts of the body, such as on the insides of your wrists and behind your ears.

If you walk around a lot during the day, applying perfume behind the knees will leave a lingering scent behind you as you move around. If you are going on a romantic date, applying some fragrance in your cleavage is definitely a great way to seduce your date.

Perfume Strengths – Lasting Power

Some perfumes last only a few hours upon application, while other last all day, sometimes even late into the evening. There are many factors that affect the lasting power of the perfume, including the alcohol content, your rate of perspiration, the weather, and so on.

You can make most perfumes last longer, however, by keeping the bottle protected from sunlight and heat. You should also keep the bottle tightly capped at all times to prevent the scent from seeping out.

What Your Perfume Says About You

Fragrance Impressions

Sometimes, you can identify a person who has walked into a room without looking at them, just by smelling their perfume. This is because fragrances are easily imprinted on people’s memories. Similarly, people will also be able to identify you by scent if you have a signature perfume that you always use.

Some scents evoke certain feelings and memories as well. There are those perfumes that can make you feel relaxed right away, and there are those that fill you with energy.

As you can see, there is a lot that your perfume can say about you, and a lot that you can learn from others as well based on the perfumes that they wear.