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Which Calvin Klein Perfume Do You Love?

When you think of jeans or perfume, do you think of the name Calvin Klein? An entire generation has grown up wearing his jeans, underwear and perfume and this designer is still going strong. There is something of sophistication and classic design in everything that Calvin Klein makes that is appealing to people of all ages. This is especially true with his perfumes. In fact, Calvin Klein perfumes are some of the most popular fragrances in the world. So, which Calvin Klein perfume do you love?

Many thirty something’s went through the CK One phase, where it was refreshing and fun to be able to share your favorite fragrance with your boyfriend or girlfriend and have it still fit. A real unisex perfume, much like one size fits all sweatshirts, this fragrance is clean and fresh, like freshly washed laundry and soap. Not too sweet, not too crisp, but perfect for everyone to wear.

The popularity of CK One brought about many other of his unisex fragrances which have sold like wildfire. These fragrances appeal to both men and women and work well for both. To date, five of Calvin Klein’s perfumes are unisex fragrances which both men and women love.

Then there is Calvin Klein Eternity and Eternity for men. Much like the name suggests, this scent is subtly sexy with notes of amber and spice combined with exotic fruits for a truly unique fragrance. Although this fragrance is recommended for daytime wear, many people find it works well for any time and it has become their “signature” scent.

Which Calvin Klein Perfume Do You Love

This brings us to one of Calvin Klein’s more recent perfumes: Euphoria. Close your eyes and think of the scents of fresh rain with the warm scent of fall. Now add the scent of patchouli and amber and you have envisioned Euphoria. This scent is warm and sexy, but it is light enough to be worn to the grocery store or on a date and you can wear it year round.

There are so many different Calvin Klein perfumes to choose from and each of them is as fresh, inviting and individual as you are, so the next time you’re looking for a timeless fragrance, you should consider a Calvin Klein perfume. Classic apparel, classic home designs and classic perfume. You should expect nothing less from and iconic designer.