It is important how you smell to others if you want to leave a lasting impression. Most people wear perfume because they care about the impression they have on others. Nobody wants to be near an individual who does not smell clean and fresh, but when you have a pleasing aroma those around you appreciate it on a conscious and unconscious level. Unfortunately many people follow trends and purchase the very latest designer fragrance, regardless of whether it happens to suit them or not.

Look For Fragrance Notes That Suit You

Lots of things have a bearing on how any particular perfume will smell on you. Your diet, body temperature, skin chemistry and natural aroma will determine how a perfume will smell when you wear it. Therefore a fragrance that smells great on your friend may not on you, so never buy anything just because it happens to suit someone else.

There are two ways to determine whether a fragrance will suit your or not. You can find out if a perfume smells nice on you by trying it, and this is the only way to determine what suits you if you have only just begun to experiment with fragrances. However, once you have been wearing perfume for a number of years you will start to develop an idea of which fragrance notes smell good on you, and which do not.

Fragrance notes are what make each perfume smell unique. Every fragrance is composed of top, middle and base notes. Top notes generally have a well-defined aroma and they are what you smell when you initially apply a perfume to your skin. Middle notes have a more delicate smell and you will start to perceive them after the top notes begin to evaporate. Base notes have lush, resonant aroma and they last longer. The middle and base notes of a perfume form its core.

Your Signature Perfume Makes A Statement

Finding your signature perfume is analogous with choosing the right romantic partner in that it often takes time and experience and it isn’t something that can be rushed. If you want to find your perfume then you must forget about the latest trends and fashions. Instead try various discount perfumes or trial size bottles until you eventually find the one that suits you best. Once you have found the one for you, you’ll know it because your smell will be so enticing that people will ask you what you are wearing. Finding your signature perfume can require a lot of effort, but once you do it will make you feel attractive and boost your self-esteem so it is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.